About us

ProbityX provides outsourced procurement and vendor management services through its Procurement as a Service (PaaS) capability. This allows ProbityX clients to optimise and automate processes, reduce procurement costs, and manage vendor risks thereby contributing to the requirements of building a sustainable and agile supply chain operation.

ProbityX comprises a team of experts with in-depth procurement and vendor management knowledge, where "X" in our name represents the client with the ProbityX objective being to provide a pool of procurement and vendor management services to solve for the client's process optimisation requirements, and where required enabled by robust technology.


Our name defines what we stand for!

Probity is defined as evidence of ethical behaviour in organisational processes adhering to standards of integrity, transparency, and honesty. Probity in Procurement is the consideration of integrity at every stage of the procurement lifecycle from supplier sourcing through to contract management. "X" in our name represents our client with the ProbityX objective being to solve for our client's requirements.

Procurement as a Service - modular suite of services

Vendor Management

A complete vendor management service that enables your business to handle approved vendor applications and expressions of interest more efficiently.

  1. Vendor approval workflow
  2. Expedite supplier compliance documents (e.g. BBBEE, Workmens Compensation, etc.)

Know Your Vendor
-Vetting Service

Vetting Service provides checks and other relevant information on potential and current vendors.

  1. Vendor due diligence assessments
  2. Determine possible compliance and business risks
  3. Resolution of risks to ensure the corporate only deal with compliant vendors

Business Support Centre

Provides expert support to your vendors. Assist vendors with relevant information concerning onboarding and compliance.

  1. Support Desk for new vendor onboarding
  2. Expediting services
  3. Supplier Surveys

Source to Contract

Our Procurement as a Service offering is enhanced through our technology solutions partner, enabling our clients to drive productivity improvement by automating procure-to-pay processes.

  1. A complete end-to-end procurement solution
  2. Supplier Portal - Client driven focus on data
  3. Purchase Requisition - to approve the procurement need structured for spend analytics
  4. Sourcing - to establish the best price and supplier to fulfil the need
  5. Contract catalogues to ensure end user complies with negotiated prices
  6. Electronic Data Interchange - PR, PO, Invoice - To ensure an efficient flow of electronic documents between a corporate and their suppliers
  7. Supplier Relationship Management
    • Digital vendor registration for new vendors invited to do business
    • Maintenance of vendor master data for existing vendors making sure corporate vendors are prompted to maintain up to date documents
    • Especially mining clients - localized suppliers to register their expression of interest
    • Management of vendor compliance (vetting services)
    • Reporting/Dashboards
  8. A solution that is configurable according to client requirements
  9. ERP Integration based on global best practice standards

Data Cleansing Services

Poor data quality can have an adverse impact on the organisation.

  • Supplier on boarding and change update costs
  • Duplicate vendor issues
  • Spend data gaps
  • Periodic cleanup costs
  • Collecting/validating payment information
  • Risk of fraud
  • Expired compliance documents
  • Internal cost of hunting for correct vendor contact details
  • Time consuming reporting

* Vendor Master Data * Item Master Data * Catalogue structuring * improve spend analytics

Inventory and Asset Optimisation

  1. Asset Disposal/Acquisition
    • Optimise recoveries when disposing of redundant assets
    • Significant cost reduction opportunities through the acquisition of near new assets
    • Especially mining clients - localized suppliers to register their expression of interest

  2. Inventory Optimisation
    • Inventory Management Solution to automate ABC's of stock management
    • Unlock cash through an effective sales channel for obsolete MRO stock

Procurement Outsourcing

  • A complete outsourced solution to manage all procurement processes from inception to award.
  • Strategic Sourcing Projects
  • Low value high volume transactional procurement
  • Service Level Agreement based on principles of efficiency (turnaround time) and effectiveness (cost reduction and cost containment).

Client Benefits

Productivity based solutions
  • Improved operational efficiencies
    through expert system thinking and the automation of procurement and vendor management processes.
Cost Optimisation
  • A structured, agile and e-enabled approach to unlocking cost optimisation opportunities.
Risk Mitigation
  • Maintain critical aspects of vendor compliance/master data, obtain insight into vendor non-compliance / misrepresentation through our vendor assessment and resolution services, and efficient execution of procure-to-pay business processes.

Preferential Procurement
  • Management of vendor master data, chasing of expired BBBEE documents, exposing risks of BBBEE Fronting, and automation of the preferential procurement reporting.
Value based business case
  • A clearly defined business case with an ROI mindset to justify the investment in resources, expert knowledge and technology
A complete procurement solution
  • We have assisted clients to dispose of redundant assets and equally for clients who are prepared to buy near new assets at a fraction of the new cost. We are fast approaching R1 Billion in asset transactions to date - we can do the same for you.

We look beyond the challenge
We are a solutions driven business

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